The Corporate In-house Training course offered by Intelscor are especially, tailor-made to meet all your requirements and delivered by World-class Trainers who possess a horde of both knowledge and experience. Participating in these programs not only will open new doors of thought and technique but also will reflect in the performance, thus improving business. And all this at a comfort zone that you and your team would prefer.

We do understand the challenges involved with busy schedules, unavailability and such. Hence, we have brought to you our best services at a location you are at ease with Corporate In-house Training Course and also offer Public Training. Intelscor promises you that lower your training expenditure and raise your ROI with our efficient and cost-effective in-house training course. Promote teamwork, build high-performing teams & improve productivity as you develop highly-skilled managers inside your organization.

Customized Training

These trainings helps in addressing the business needs and learning objectives of our clients. Forming a group allows the training to be more focused on the company and real examples can be discussed more conveniently

Focused, practical and results oriented

Our expert trainers write and deliver their own course materials and construct practical exercises and discussions based on real experience, ensuring delegates always derive the maximum practical benefits from a course

Training Cost Saving

Allow your firm to determine the content, depth, attendee size, structure, length and sequence of the training within the security of your own premises or training centre. cost per delegate is less compared to public training houses for the same number of people

Travel Cost saving

The employees are not required to travel any further than their offices and spend additional costs.


You can focus on the challenging issues that may be specific to your organization which are best resolved in private with the expert guidance of our highly experienced expert trainers.

Convenience in terms of availability & location

as we can deliver training at your convenient location, delivery method and your preferred time.

Team Building

Delegates from different departments and skills set can foster the great teamwork, recognition and understanding of each other’s roles. It can enhance the relations, communication and interaction with each other.


Our in-house programs are meant for clients who choose to train their people, in their location of choice, at their preferred schedule.

We'll fly our trainers and our materials to your premises, securing you a custom-made, cost-efficient learning experience.