Advanced Pressure Relief & Flare Systems

This course will guide the participants to develop key concepts and techniques for optimizing and designing pressure relieving and flaring systems. These key concepts can be utilized to make operating decisions that can improve your unit’s performance. Many aspects of pressure relieving and flaring systems can be improved including product recoveries, energy utilization, environmental impacts, and safety. This cannot be achieved without an understanding of basic fundamental principles of design and operation. These principles need to be understood in advance of operating and trouble shooting a process unit operation for the manager or problem solving to be effective.

Each company needs to have people trained in key areas of safety. These include:

1. Hazard Analysis

2. Relief Valve Design

3. Reliving Cases Design

4. Flare System Design

This seminar focuses on the core building blocks of the relieving and flaring process systems, equipment and economics. This program will emphasize the process unit operation fundamentals, safe utilization of these fundamentals by operations, engineering, maintenance and support personnel.

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